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A word from our patients:

  • I have had three surgeries performed by Dr. Sima over this past year. The "results" of all three of the surgeries were far in excess of my expectations. Often times many people experience "excellence" within the Medical world, but rarely does a surgeon come along that is in that elite category that is above "excellent". Dr. Sima is in that category.
    Peter Clyde
  • Dear Dr. Sima, I am writing to express my appreciation to you for providing the surgical skills needed for my recent hip replacement surgery. I am grateful for the commitment you've made to continually learn and use innovative techniques which benefit your patient's successful surgery and recovery. Having experienced both the posterior and anterior approach to total hip replacement, I can state that I've experienced much less pain and fewer mobility restrictions with my recent anterior approach. My recovery is progressing well and I expect a shorter recuperative period. I'm looking forward to getting back on the golf course soon! Thank you for all you've done to provide the excellent care I have received. You have a fantastic team!
    Rick Runnells
  • Dear Dr. Sima,   By chance, I came to see you for help one day, and I'm so glad I did.   I was miserable and could barely get around. I was in a lot of pain that was not going away.   My knee was bent and I could not straighten it because of a sports injury.   But then, you operated on me and when I awoke, all the pain was gone.   After a brief recovery, I could, once more walk and run as I did before my injury. I have a tiny scar on my knee.   Your skilled hands performed what amounts to a miracle in my life and I have been grateful to you every day since that time.
    Marcia Triggs
  • To the CEO:   This letter is to complement and thank your staff, beginning with admitting personnel, to those who prepared me for surgery, to the nurse who rolled me out to the car in a wheel chair at the end of my two-day stay. Because I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I especially complement everyone for taking my position on the blood issue seriously and in stride, always assuring me they understood and were willing to comply. Thank you so much for that.   And thanks to Dr. Sima, who was responsible for my being at Twin Cities. He did a splendid job! I had a right anterior hip replacement procedure on June 8, and while I was in your hospital, I felt as if everyone cared about my comfort. All your nurses treated me with kindness and dignity, and my night nurse (Juvelyn, I believe) was especially caring. She always seemed to be aware of when I left my bed and was there to help me back. I was barely in any pain ever, and you know what...the food was pretty good, too.   The physical therapists were so helpful and safety conscious. Day one, I was walking and sitting. The next day after surgery, I was climbing stairs! This anterior approach is amazing. I am praising this procedure and your hospital.   You can be very proud. Your staff is exceptional.   Sincerely,   Roslyn Linzey
    Roslyn Linzey
  • Dear Sir/Madam; On June 8, 2010, at 7:30am, I received an anterior approach total hip replacement preformed by Dr. William Sima. I was dismissed on June 10, 2010. My total hospitalization at Twin Cities was a positive experience. This letter is to inform all appropriate parties that I was very pleased with my care while hospitalized. I would, especially, like you to commend nurses Cary Lou and Emily Carson and nurse's assistant, Angelique, how much I appreciate their care and assistants while in the hospital. All three were very professional as well as being prompt when I needed assistance. Also, their words of encouragement gave me confidence and boosted my spirits. I believe all three individuals played an integral part in my early discharge. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to these three individuals.
    Linda Janzen
  • Thank you Dr. Sima, Twin Cities Hospital and Core Care Physical Therapy. I put off hip surgery until the pain was so intense that I had no quality of life. I was very afraid of the surgery and going into the hospital because of a prior experience. Dr. Sima replaced my husbands hip a year ago and Kenny was very happy with the results and wished he had done it sooner. I also learned this year that Dr. Sima was doing a new procedure, the "anterior approach" and that it was a much faster recovery. Out of strenth to fight the pain, I finally went to see him and set up the surgery in March of this year. I was up and walking that day, and I left three days later on a walker and two days later I was using a cane. I have been walking without a cane for over two months. The staff at TCH was great, caring, and even housekeeping was "always" there with a smile and "always" did a superior job. The caring of the nursing staff and physical therapy shows the importance of quality care to this facility. I live in Cambria and went to Core Care for physical therapy prior and after the surgery, another wonderful experience. They know who you are and they care about about your future. Eventually, I will need my knee replaced, and I would not consider anyone but Dr. William F. Sima. Arthritis is hard, my grandmother, my mom, and my sister and me. Dr. Sima will give you a quality of life you didn't think you would know again. Thanks Dr. Sima, from your "fluffy" patient. (For the rest of you that means I'm not a size "2", or "4" or "6".....well you get the idea.)
    Lynda J. Carrick
  • To whom it may concern; I would like to thank the staff including nurses and doctors at Twin Cities Hospital for their kind and efficient care I received while a patient June 1st thru June 3rd. Dr. William Sima I praise highly for his expertise in treating my right foot and ankle performing total fusion on my ankle. Also, one day a nurse stood out as very compassionate and thoroughly an expert in her nursing duties. Her name, I believe is Carrie Lou. Also, to be commended are the volunteer workers such as the little lady that delivered the newspaper each day, etc. Even the food workers that left menu's and delivered our food trays were very kind and considerate. I would recommend Twin Cities Hospital as a pleasant establishment for surgery, outpatient care, etc for their professionalism and care and friendliness. Thank you!
    Lois Smith
  • Dear Ms. Moore On July 20 Dr. Sima performed a total knee replacement on me and I was in your staff's care for three days. I want you to know that the care and concern demonstrated by your staff was excellent. They were all extremely attentative to my needs and were never more than a minute away. I wish I knew their last names, but I'm sure you will recognize all of them from this list: Cary Lou, Holly, Meribeth, Crisabelle and Steve. I also worked a bit with Don, the Physical Terapist on duty at the time of my stay and he was also excellent. As one grows older it's always nice to know that such a fine medical facility is available so close by. Thanks again for the excellent service.
    Steven Lock
  • Dear Ms. Moore On July 20 Dr. Sima performed a total knee replacement on me and I was in your staff's care for three days. I want you to know that the care and concern demonstrated by your staff was excellent. They were all extremely attentative to my needs and were never more than a minute away. I wish I knew their last names, but I'm sure you will recognize all of them from this list: Cary Lou, Holly, Meribeth, Crisabelle and Steve. I also worked a bit with Don, the Physical Terapist on duty at the time of my stay and he was also excellent. As one grows older it's always nice to know that such a fine medical facility is available so close by. Thanks again for the excellent service.
    Alan Satou
  • Dr. Sima has done bilateral carpal tunnel surgeries on me, and bilateral shoulder replacement. He is a outstanding physician, has a great bedside manner, and you feel you are in good hands. The results were excellent, and allowed me to continue my life with practically no pain, and resume playing piano again. February 2011
    Alan Satou
  • Thank you Dr. Sima for all your kindness and being there for me. I have a wonderful new hip and a great new life thanks to you. Now I have the replacement of my knee and my hip and now I have no pain. The Twin Cities Hospital was a great hospital with a wonderful nurse staff and especially a nurse named Steve. The food was exceptionally great too. Thank you again for being so thoughtful thru the whole experience.
    Barbara Riley
  • Dear Dr. Sima,   I initially came to see you in July 2010, because of your reputation and I complained of severe, out of the blue, knee pain. During your thorough consultation, you also took x-rays of my hips and deduced that that was the major problem to be addressed. The left hip, being the worst, you performed a total anterior hip replacement at Twin Cities Hospital. Of course I was a bit skeptic, due to horror stories I'd heard about hip replacement. You used the latest innovative approach, being the anterior approach. I had researched the physician you trained with, and was pleased with what I'd learned. The left hip was performed in Sept. 2010 with a three day hospital stay. Now, five months later, I have a new right hip also. Today, three weeks after you replaced the right hip , I was pleased to walk into your office, free of the pain I once had constantly!   I must mention your professional and courteous staff you employ. They are all the best in what they do, including your surgery team. I have to applaud your nurse Katie, for she has been very caring and attentive to my needs. I know this has been lengthy, as I tend to be, but it is so good to feel this way again. It is such a relief to be rid of the extra pain and just deal with my arthritic old self. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise! Now we can deal with the knee.
    Eugene Buckle
  • I want everyone to know that I shot a 77 four weeks to the date of my total knee replacement. I enjoyed the staff at Twin Cities, Central Coast Home Health and the physical therapists at the out patient treatment center. I will return to Dr. Sima for the other knee in the future. Thanks
    David Bundy
  • Dr. Sima is our "family" doctor. He's done wonders with my husband's ankle (ligament replacement) and knees and my Dad's hip. I went to him because, at 44 years old, I could hardly walk anymore. I'd been told by another doctor that I had bursitis, and tried physical therapy. Dr. Sima checked it out, and found that the labrum in my hip was torn. This was from an old dance accident 25 years ago! The pain kept me from exercising, and that led to other health problems, including Type II Diabetes. After my surgery, I was able to exercise (spinning anyone?) and got my blood sugar down to a 5.8% A1C without medication! I even danced with my students at Homecoming halftime! Thanks for giving my life back, doc. I brag about you to everyone.
    Denise Conte
  • I would like to thank the outpatient Surgery team for the great job of handling of my hip surgery on May 31. Dr. Sima was the surgeon. What I was most impressed was how happy the entire group seemed to be about doing their jobs. As a business owner myself I know this is what you strive for when your employees interact with customers. There was not a grump in the bunch from the person who called to schedule the surgery to the one that walked us out the door. Everyone seemed to know their job. Just the right amount of double checking to make sure there were no mix-ups. They always told me what to expect from a needle prick to the OR table feeling different than the transport gurney. As much as you can feel pampered for a surgical procedure, this was it. It was most reassuring. Best of all I'm feeling great and wondering why I waited so long to get it fixed.
    Jay Brown
  • I feel now is the time for me to comment on my surgeries. In 2008 I had right knee surgery at Standford. They said at the time I was to young (52) to have a knee replacement. Instead they broke and seperated the knee and installed a metal plate. The whole process was a nightmare for me. I was sketical about having any further surgery. In 2010 I needed surgery on my right shoulder. After extensive research I came across Dr. Sima. Everyone I talk to who had dealt with Dr. Sima, had nothing but good things to say about him. Nothing negative came up. I decided he was my doctor for the surgery. The surgery and procedures went great. In 2011 I needed my left knee replaced. I was worried, but confident Dr. Sima would take care of me. From pre-op therapy, thru surgery, and post-op therapy Dr. Sima and his supporting staff were great. They were professional, informative, and comforting. If you need knee, hip, or shoulder surgery you should check Dr. Sima's credentials, before you make a decision. It will be hard for you to find a doctor that will get you thru the procedure in better condition than Dr. Sima. In 2012 I need to have the mess in my right knee replaced. I will drive whatever distances to ensure Dr. Sima does the surgery. Thank You for everthing Dr. Sima You are the best!!!
    Bruce Kiefert
  • “It Is Unbelievable To Think That I Am Pain-Free After All Those Years.”

    “By the time I was 22, my left hip was filled with arthritis. Sports were out of the question, even simple things like jogging and golfing. In the meantime, I put up with the pain and led a boring lifestyle. Eventually my right hip, which I favored because my left hip was so bad, began hurting too. I finally made an appointment with a Stryker orthopaedic specialist. It’s been 15 months since my two total hip replacements, and my life has improved tremendously. I no longer take painkillers. I’m able to do more things. I play golf. I walk more. I recently started horseback riding. And the best thing is, I’m pain-free.”
    Carl Savino, 52 Stryker Hip Replacement
  • “There’s A Point Where Your Life Just Becomes Miserable If You Don’t Get It Replaced.”

    “My dad was always a real outdoorsman just like his father was. So he raised my brother and me the same way, active in a lot of sports — fishing, cycling, camping. I was always pushing the edge, which took its toll on my knees over the years. The pain got so intense I couldn’t do any of the activities I’ve always thrived on — and for me that’s not living anymore. So, I did a lot of research. I interviewed several surgeons, looked at the different knee designs, and you know, I was quite impressed with the Stryker knee. I had the knee replacement, and the moment I woke up from surgery. I noticed that the arthritis pain I’d been suffering all these years was gone”
    Dave Richards, 43 Stryker Knee Replacement
  • Life Rebuilt — New Knees, New Hips, And A New Outlook

    Fifty-seven-year-old dentist Ray Tomb is a new man — from the hips down that is. Since he had both knees and hips replaced six years ago, friends, colleagues, and patients can’t believe how well he gets around. Knock-kneed since childhood, Ray didn’t let an increasingly awkward gait, or knees that touched when he faced forward, stop him from playing racquetball, football, wrestling, or golf. But the intense groin pain that hit in his late 40s did. The diagnosis: avascular necrosis. The added pressure from his knee structure had been destroying his hips. His surgeon had to straighten his knees and even out his legs before repairing them. At 51, he had three surgeries — one for both Scorpioâ knee implants, and one for each Trident® ceramic-on-ceramic hip — and was rehabilitated and walking the golf course within eight months. His swing has shifted from all arms back to his hips, and his game is better than ever. He swims and takes walks with his family on vacation instead of sitting things out. “I’ve just totally rebuilt my life,” says Ray. His patients, impressed with his recovery, seem to be following in his reconstructed footsteps. At least 10 have had either hips or knees replaced by the same surgeon. Several have also had both knees done at once, and couldn’t be happier. Like Ray, they claim it’s the best thing they could have done to bring back their quality of life.
    Ray Tomb (Hip And Knee)
  • Trident® Hips “A Gift” Worth Waiting For

    Carl J. Savino, Jr., loves a story with a happy ending. After 30 years of living with a painful circulatory disease, which had deteriorated the top of his left femur — and had eventually broken down his right hip — the 52-year-old feels like a little boy who finally got the bicycle he hoped to find under the Christmas tree. And the best part is he can ride it, too.   For years, Carl’s doctors encouraged him to put off surgery. Resigned from age 22 to a life of limited activity — no running, jogging, playing tennis, or golfing — he settled on taking increasing doses of Motrin to combat pain and arthritis. As his condition worsened, the Pennsylvania-based funeral director began asking for backup whenever jobs required lifting, carrying, and walking up and down stairs. The pain had permeated all areas of his life.   Now, after having both hips replaced with Trident® ceramic cups and titanium stems in a single operation, Carl focuses more on what’s possible than on what’s prohibited. “It’s such a thrill to walk without any pain,” says Carl. “It’s almost too good to be true. I hope this ‘bike’ I’ve been given never disappears or gets taken away. That’s how I feel about my hips. I never thought I’d feel this well. It’s a miracle — just a great, great thing.”
    Carl J. Savino, Jr. (Hip)
  • Back In The Swing Of Things

    Charisse Green is a woman with a zest for life. An active matriarch, she loves her children unconditionally, all five of them. The operative word here, however, is active because, as Cherisse says, “You can’t be down and off your feet when you have an eight-year-old.”   Before her surgery Charisse felt both the pain and the psychological limitations that come with it. Even the most mundane activities were becoming impossible. But it wasn’t just her body. The scope of her whole world was shrinking. “I felt so limited that my mind wanted to do something and in my heart I wanted to do something, but physically it just could not happen. Between the swelling and the limited mobility in the bending of my knee, getting up off a seat was even a chore.”   She tried alternatives to surgery like drugs but they had dubious benefits with side effects that were making her as uncomfortable as the pain. So she sees her surgery as an alternative with many positive factors. “I’m medication free and that’s a good thing ’cause you worry about your liver, you worry about your kidneys, you worry about this, your bladder, whatever.”   After years of enduring the pain she decided that a total knee replacement was the way to go. First she had to find a doctor she could trust, but fortunately she didn’t have to look far. Her sister had had her hips replaced and the surgeon she used made a strong recommendation. Almost immediately after the operation Charisse reported that her pain was gone. She quickly started on a program of rehabilitation, but she mainly credits the skill of her surgeon and the design of the Stryker knee with her positive response to surgery. “I would say it took me two weeks before I was back to full movement. I was walking up and down the stairs. It’s been a very quick recovery. And between my cooperation, the skill of the surgeon, and the piece itself, it’s a very good combination. It’s a trifold thing, and without one with the other, you’re not going be where I am today.”   So just where exactly is Charisse today? Happily reengaged with her active life. “I can pick things up, bring my laundry up and down, I can stand, I can wash dishes and scrub the floors. I can take down my blinds, I can climb up on a stepladder. I had the surgery March 30th — May 22nd I’m on the dance floor boogying to disco music.”   She even goes so far as to advise those who might be considering a similar procedure. “This is going to get you out of the wheelchair. It’s going to get you out of the bed. It’s going to get you out of the wheelchair and keep you off the crutches, the walker. Go ahead and do it!”   Since the surgery, Charisse has lost weight, become active again, and has her life back with a whole new positive attitude. She has this to say by way of thanks to the people at Stryker for the difference they’ve made in her life. “I could do everything I wanted to do, so you guys, you’re good guys, keep up the good work. Thank you.”
    Charisse Green (Knee)
  • A Passion For Fishing, Science And Egyptology

    Billy Gowacki lives on a small island outside Tampa Bay and enjoys regular outdoors pursuits such as fishing snook, red fish and sea trout. When he has the occasion to leave the island, he is an avid visitor to city museums where he engages in interests like Egyptology and volcanoes. Billy’s eyes light up when he talks about the latest in Egyptian archaeology and the exploits of Dr. Zahi Hawass, a well-known conservationist of Egyptian monuments and relics. “I always dreamed that when I grew up I would be some kind of ‘…ologist’, such as a volcanologist or an Egyptologist,” says Billy. “But I am also just generally interested in science. Having had to deal with cancer at such a young age, I have had to learn a lot about my disease and how it’s commonly treated. Now I have even thought about becoming an oncologist and dedicating my life to cancer research.” Billy was just ten years old when he found out he had Ewing’s sarcoma in his right distal femur. His initial pediatrician had attributed his recurring aches to ‘growing pain’, delaying treatment for close to a year. When the disease was finally recognized, the team of doctors said he would lose his leg. However, after several months of chemotherapy, a bout with leukemia and a bone marrow transplant for which he found a perfect match, Billy has since made a full recovery and undergone a successful knee and hip replacement in addition to having a successful implant from Stryker GMRS™ that has allowed him to lead a more normal life. “I have always kept a positive attitude throughout the entire process and believe it’s very important to remember to laugh, eat well and not believe any of the statistics you hear with regard to treatment and survivor rates. Overall, I am just truly grateful for the technology that is now available with modular replacement systems. It has helped restore my quality of life,” says Billy.
    Billy Gowacki